Why AKPsi?

Back in his prospective pledge days, Tommy went into rush week thinking AKPsi would only be full of formal, mostly boring meetings. He later, after becoming a brother, said that he couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, he feels that each event he goes to gives him an opportunity to make new friends and pick up new professional skills. On top of that, he has taken advantage of several leadership positions including chairs on the social and fundraising committees, was previously the VP of Alumni Relations and is now the current Vice President of Membership. Tommy says, “After almost every meeting I’ve been to, members, not always the same ones, stay after and catch up on life. AKPsi isn’t just an organization, it’s a family”

- Tommy Larsen | Finance & Accounting | Class of '21

Hala has bounced around several leadership positions in AKPsi landing her a spot on the Auditing, Professional Events, and Scholarship committees. Perhaps her favorite events, however, are the pledge initiation dinners because it is the first time she can officially call our amazing pledges “brothers”. She is so inspired by the diversity of our program and the close camaraderie that unites us on our paths to becoming future leaders. She says, “AKPsi really makes my large classes and campus feel so much smaller when I’m constantly surrounded by familiar, smiling faces. I’ve met so many amazing students and friends as I grow personally and professionally”

- Hala Hamid | Finance | Class of '20

Coming into KU as a finance major, Alex prioritized getting involved on campus to expand his networking. He surveyed his options but ultimately chose AKPsi due to its healthy balance of social, service, and professional events. One of his favorite being our 2018 spring formal event which brought the brothers together like never before and is something he will remember for a lifetime. After becoming an initiated brother, he ran for an exec position and became our community service chair- a great way to get involved with AKPsi! Alex says, “My greatest takeaway is that meeting great people and working towards a common goal with friends is so much better than doing it alone. Brotherhood and service are so important because we help each other out along the way while giving back to the community” 

- Alex Harris | Finance & Accounting | Class of '19

It’s fair to say that Al, one of our brothers who studies outside the business school, plays a huge part in enriching the academic diversity of our professional fraternity. After all, we are open to all majors, giving our organization a competitive edge in the networking world. Other than focusing on her professional skill set, Al splashes into the fun of AKPsi by attending all of our events and holding positions on the professional event and recruiting committees. She says, “I’m more confident in the direction my career is going and the skills I’ve learned through AKPsi to get me there. It’s a family of friends you didn’t know you needed, but you couldn’t imagine your college experience without them.” 

- Al Moore | Strategic Communications & Journalism | Class of '19

Hulke first got word of AKPsi and immediately fell in love for a variety of reasons. Her main calling: leadership opportunities. After rushing and becoming a brother, Hulke jumped on her chance to secure a role on the Executive Board and became one of the longest reigning treasures this fraternity has ever seen. On top of that, she, Amy, Hannah, and Bailey had a brotherly sister retreat to PBLI in Chicago which happens to be one of the many ways of getting involved with AKPsi nationwide! Olivia says, “The brothers you meet could become your coworkers, roommates, or even best friends. They will challenge you, mentor you, and care for you."

- Olivia Hulke | Finance | Class of '20

"I originally joined AKPsi to help myself grow as a professional but I did not realize how much I would grow as an individual, as well. I am so grateful for the amazing people I have met so far through this organization and know that these friendships will last a lifetime!"

-Christa Mannnoni | Marketing | Class of '19